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Morna A. Murry, J.D.

Morna Murray, J.D., is Director of Education and Youth Development for the Children's Defense Fund, Washington, D.C. Until 2006, she also served as Executive Director of the Victims' Assistance Legal Organization, Inc. (VALOR). Prior to this, she was a practicing attorney in private practice for over ten years and has devoted considerable effort to work on behalf of crime victims. She served as a Guardian Ad Litem for child abuse and neglect proceedings in Broward County, Florida and also was a member of the Florida Bar's Committee on the Legal Needs of Children. From 1992-1995, she served as a Professor of Legal Studies at the University of Hartford. She was Senior Attorney for VALOR's Restitution Reform Project, and was co-author of the resulting OVC Bulletin, The Coordinated Interagency Approach to Restitution Management. She coordinated the development, production and nationwide distribution of the 1998-2001 National Crime Victims' Rights Week Resource Guides. She served as the Project Coordinator for the 1997 National Victim Assistance Academy Project and from 1998-2003, has served as Project Director of the Academy. She was also Project Manager for the OVC-funded project, Promising Practices in Restitution. She is a member of the District of Columbia Bar, the Connecticut Bar, and the Florida Bar. She and her two children live in northern Virginia.


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