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In Memory of Frank G. Carrington, Esq.

Originally named the Crime Victims' Legal Advocacy Institute, Inc., the Victims' Assistance Legal Organization (VALOR) was founded by Frank G. Carrington. Mr. Carrington has often been referred to as the "father of the crime victims' rights movement in America," and the organization he founded has consistently pursued the vision that was his trademark.

As a Federal law enforcement official, police legal advisor and attorney, Mr. Carrington was an early advocate of the rights of crime victims. Publication of his book, The Victims, in 1975, sparked new attention to a neglected area of the criminal justice system. His service on the Attorney General's Task Force on Violent Crime in 1981 and the President's Task Force on Victims of Crime in 1982 assured expertise on victims' rights at the highest levels of government. The Final Report of the President's Task Force continues to serve as the blueprint for the fair treatment of crime victims.

Under the leadership of Mr. Carrington, VALOR was actively involved in filing Supreme Court amicus briefs, providing legal counsel to new victim organizations, such as the National Victim Center and Security on Campus, and consulting with crime victims and their attorneys regarding civil remedies. Mr. Carrington also played a significant role in the development and passage of the Campus Security Act of 1990, drafted the Campus Sexual Assault Victims Bill of Rights, and authored numerous publications. In recognition of his outstanding leadership in the crime victims' rights movement, Mr. Carrington was given the highest honor that a crime victims' advocate can receive – the President's Award – during a White House ceremony in 1991. Later that year in San Diego, he led the first Justice Department-funded training program focusing on civil litigation on behalf of crime victims.

Tragically, Mr. Carrington died in a fire January 2, 1992. Following his untimely death, Mrs. Mary Olson Carrington joined the VALOR Board of Directors.

Since 1992, the accomplishments of VALOR's founder have been memorialized by numerous individuals and organizations. VALOR established the Frank G. Carrington Memorial Fund to promote activities that further the vision of its founder. The National Center for Victims of Crime designated the Carrington Victim Litigation Program to provide legal research and referral to crime victims and their attorneys. In 1995, the state of Virginia announced establishment of the Carrington Internship for Law Enforcement in the Office of the Attorney General, allowing law enforcement officers to receive three weeks of specialized training focusing on the legal rights of crime victims.

Tribute to Frank G. Carrington

Edwin Meese III
Attorney General of the United States (1985-88)
Tribute to Frank Carrington:
Father of the Victims' Rights Movement

By Congressman Ramstad
U.S. House of Representatives January 22, 1992
Remembering a Hero

By David Beatty
Executive Director
Justice Solutions

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