Scenario #2:

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Assess case details
Online respondents to the Lee and Lisa case scenario focused primarily on five topics in the assessment of the case details:

  1. Molestation.
  2. Family values as they relate to cultural competency and patriarchy.
  3. Immigration status.
  4. Health issues.
  5. Lisa's age.
Practical Considerations
When asked to identify the main practical considerations, online respondents to the Lee and Lisa case scenario focused primarily on five themes:

  1. Victim lives with the perpetrator.
  2. Stopping the abuse.
  3. Potential deportation of a family breadwinner.
  4. Support and counseling for Lisa.
  5. Vulnerability to victimization of the younger sisters.
Identify the Relevant Ethical Standards

When asked to identify the relevant ethical standards, online respondents to the Lee and Lisa case scenario focused on six standards:

  •  1.4  Achieve and maintain a high level of professional competence.
  •  3.5  Confidentiality of communication.
  •  3.2  Primary responsibility is the interests of the person(s) served.
  •  3.4  Victim's right to self-determination.
  •  1.1  Understand legal obligations.

    Note: Respondents in ethics workshops are frequently divided as to whether or not Lee is a mandated reporter. Some respondents support mandated reporting because of the presence of younger sisters in the home and the likelihood that Lisa was molested as a minor. Other respondents believe that the right to confidentiality and right to self-determination are the more applicable standards.
Consider the Possible Course of Action

When asked to determine the potential upsides and downsides of the following courses of actions, online respondents to the Lee and Lisa case scenario gave a variety of responses. They are summarized below.


Lee Chan arranges for Lisa to enter group counseling for sexual assault victims. When the other members of the group learn that Lisa continues to be molested, they convince her to move out of the house into her grandmother's home. With trauma counseling, Lisa begins to rebuild her life.

Positive Outcomes:
  • The molestation ends.
  • Lisa's family life is intact.
  • Lisa begins to heal.
Negative Outcomes:
  • Lisa resents that she has to leave her home.
  • The uncle molests her younger sister.
  • The peer support group does not understand cultural values in Lisa's family and gives her harmful feedback.

After several months of counseling, Lisa confronts her uncle and tells him that if he ever touches her again, she will report him to the police. He stops touching her.

Positive Outcomes:
  • Lisa feel empowered.
  • The abuse stops.
  • Lisa remains in her family home and does not experience the marginalization she was anticipating if she left.
Negative Outcomes:
  • Ongoing safety risks.
  • The underlying issues remain.
  • Lisa feels responsible for the safety of her younger sisters.

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